About us

We’re proud to say we’ve done it all.

And we continue to do it all! Since 1976, Cooperage & Scarpas Catering has been locally owned, operated, and dedicated to serving the Albuquerque community. No event is too small, large, casual or upscale for us. Put simply, we specialize in making your event special. From large corporate events to special intimate dinners of 2 or 3, our promise is to always provide exceptional food and service delivered to suit your unique taste.

From lustrous china and gleaming ice sculptures to disposable table wear and hand held wood-oven pizza, our 25+ years of catering management experience allows us to provide you with everything you need to make your event a comfortable and pleasing experience for all of your distinguished guests.

Don’t worry, we like the challenge. Kosher, ethnic, gluten-free? Just tell us what you need and  we will provide.

Call us today at (505) 797-1334 for a customized menu made just for you.